Colon Cleansing - Healthy Or Harmful?

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The natural supplement companies that provide supplements for colon cleansing promote their supplements by saying that it is actually natural recovery and weight loss mechanism for your body and it wipes out the toxic wastes and accumulated bacteria from your intestine which actively harm your potentials to digest your food properly. I would like to clear this concept up, and it would be by the end of the article that you should have made your decision that whether colon cleaning is healthy or harmful for the body.

A scientific study suggests that colon cleansing is beneficial for the body. They are right in this regard, but this is not the whole picture. Colon cleansing is only right for a specific set of individuals, who actually need the detoxification and is prescribed the same by a registered medical practitioner. For others, it is actually harmful, as body has its own natural mechanism of getting rid of toxins and harmful bacteria, and doesn't necessarily need supplements and pills to do that.

Another health concern that arises with colon cleansing is that it can increase the risk for dehydration. While providing the body with the detoxification power, it also has some harmful laxatives that increase the amount of electrolytes in the body, more then the necessary amount. This results in excess urination, and may cause severe dehydration if not kept in check.

There must be a list of precautions that must be carefully checked before you go for colon cleansing:

  • Check out with your doctor if any medications you are taking currently have harmful reactions with the colon cleansing procedures or not.
  • Make sure that your doctor uses disposable equipment which is not used before and properly sterilized.
  • Check out the herbal ingredients and amounts that you are going to use, because some of them can actually adversely effects your body if not taken in right proportions.
  • Make sure that colon cleansing is actually the right solution for you.
  • Stay hydrated always by drinking lots of fluids.

    Do your research and find out the benefits of colon cleansers, find a free trial or find colon cleanse reviews. The internet makes it a cinch to check up on diet supplements.

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Colon Cleansing - Healthy Or Harmful?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03