Colon Cleansing; An Overview

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A colon cleanse is all about health and wellness. At least, that’s the claim by enthusiasts of the practice. In a sense, one can see the logic behind the theory, while at the same time, there is a considerably lack of scientific evidence to prove the theories, due to a lack of scientific interest in the subject. Therefore it comes down to logic versus science, a tough comparison. However, to make a decision, one should know the benefits and risks involved.

The original idea of a colon cleanse began with the Ancient Egyptians, who thought that undigested food and meat began to sit and rot in the lower intestines. They believed that as this food stayed trapped in the intestines, it hardened, and stuck to the walls even more. As it stayed in the system, they believe that it released toxins and chemicals into the blood stream, leaving you sick and fatigued. These days, one of the primary ways to fix this problem is called colonic hydrotherapy, and it involves a person going to a clinic, laying on their belly on a special chair, and having a tube inserted into their buttocks. They inject water, and then drain it out after massaging a bit. This is supposed to remove all of the trapped fecal matter.

Although this is perhaps the most well-known method of performing a colon cleanses, there are a couple of other methods which some people would probably find a lot more appealing than the invasive hydrotherapy method. One of these methods is called the oral method, and this involves taking special pills with unique herbs and spices that are supposed to help soften the hard stools and make them pass easier. Sometimes this method also includes taking laxatives, which makes your body leave more water in the colon, making it easier to pass the stool. The final way is similar, but instead of taking pills, you simply change your diet, and the way that you eat and exercise. Also, drinking lots of water is a part of the oral and natural methods.

Doing a colon cleanse can be a great way of improving your vitality and health through cleansing your body internally. This can be a little risky at times, particularly with the colonic hydrotherapy method. This method can leave your colon punctured, if the tube is inserted improperly, and it can even leave you with a serious amoebic infection if the clinic doesn’t disinfect their equipment properly. There are also risks involved if you do flush the colon too much. As well, the oral method, with the pills and laxatives, can leave you dehydrated and malnourished, because it makes you lose all of the water you take through defecation. The natural method doesn’t really have any risks, as it is all natural food.

 In short, having a colon cleanse done can be a great way to improve your vitality in your life. It is simply recommended that you don’t do it too often, and just be careful with whom you have it done. 

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Colon Cleansing; An Overview

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This article was published on 2012/01/18